Web Design



Having a well designed and highly optimized website is an absolute must for any business. A quality website builds trustability for a brand while simultaneously generating more traffic which in turn increases the revenue generating potential for your business.

Web design comes down to a few crucial factors. When composed properly your website has the potential to be a powerful driver for business success. These include SEO (search engine optimization), usability, design and engaging content. Ensuring that your website is visually attractive without diluting functionality or find ability is the philosophy that Studio32 prescribes. Another important attribute of a well crafted website is its ability to function properly on all devices, we call this responsive web design. All of the websites that we build for our clients are responsive.

When designing a website we make sure to focus on all of these components simultaneously. We believe a website is the backbone to any modern business so we strive to make them as strong as possible by building upon the pillars of SEO, usability & design. 


TreeCity Health & Wellness

Patients need to know their medicine is coming from a safe and secure business. A clean, healthy aesthetic provides a trustworthy environment where they can feel comfortable. Responsibly is of the utmost importance to companies who operate in this field.

Example of modern website design displayed on an iMac, Macbook pro, iPad, and iPhone
TreeCity mobile website app design

Ann Arbor Vape Shop

A much more urban and youthful approach to web design. This industry is about impact and style. Dark backgrounds and 3-dimensional elements gives this design its modern feel.

Ann Arbor Vape Shop website design displayed on an iMac
Ann Arbor Vape Shop mobile website displayed on an iPhone version 1
Ann Arbor Vape Shop mobile website displayed on an iPhone version 2